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the chauffeur

Let's also add some backstory: When I was on the front porch roof painting the empty atrium window, I looked down to load up my brush. I looked back up at the window and there was suddenly a smiling face on the other side; my heart about stopped, and I almost fell off the front of the house.

Cut to an hour later, when I was on a ladder down in the bushes. The same face appeared through the window and asked me to find the ACE bandage, but it wasn't smiling. Thankfully I'd already mainlined a gallon of adrenaline the first time, and the stepladder was only four feet high, so I didn't have the reserves for another good panic attack.

Yeah, RIP, Henry.


Let's see, Bill almost falls off the front of the house, Jen twists her ankle out back. Seems like you guys just need to take some time off and just relax. Anyways, Jen, sorry to hear about the ankle. Hope it feels better soon.

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