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The Mom

Dear Girl: Thank all that is Holy that we did not show you lovely pictures of the Big Guy's bladder on your last visit. Post bladder stone removal and after. As our very funny urologist stated, we should add them to the collection of other photos. Now, I'm not sure where the last ones went but the new set were not particularly attractive. I doubt we'll be putting any of them in an album. At least the Pop did not ask for Bob Evans on the way home. They fed him immediately after the procedure. I think the hospital knows he turns into a wild man without something in his stomach. xxxxs


...I, uh, got to see them. Nice. Rocks. Where rocks shouldn't be. The only pictures people should take home post-medical-visit are sonograms of babies. That is all. Can I have a second for that motion, please?


1) I second Renie's motion.
2) I thought you meant this Bob Evans.


Linda, now I'm going to have that cartoon drawing in my head, which actually makes Bob Evans cooler than it needs to be. You bitch.

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