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I'd just read your post when I visited this blog


which wrote about the same phrase.


If you start sending Bibles and Books of Household Prayers, there's going to have to be an intervention. Ashes on the forehead, though, are all the rage.


No, I have us pegged for shaven robed figures handing out pencils and flowers at the airport. (If they still let you do that sort of thing during the War On Terror, of course...)

You laugh, but the Krishna group house is right down the street...


Dave, believe it or not, I hesitated before posting for about 15 minutes, switching back and forth between 'thing' and 'think' because I knew that the "correct" way was 'think'. And I knew that YOU would call me on it.

Good to know that you're ever vigilant. I need a watch dog.

Lopesa Maria Conchita

Hey Quad Queen:
I still know people willing to come to your door dressed as missionaries.
Watch. Your Back.

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