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Here's hoping the email I just sent you provides a wee little bright spot today. :-)


Don't forget, the Rochester Americans are in first place in the AHL. If it's not too crass, could we maybe have James pray for all the people in Iraq, (theirs and ours), for the Scout Fairy to come visit our garage, and for Penn the cat?

(I'm only half-joking here.)


There is enough sweetness in James for the whole entire world, with quite a bit left over. There's a special place in my heart for a blonde little boy wearing Tweetybird slippers with his hockey jersey, and special places in my heart and in heaven for his mom, who is honestly one of the best humans I know. Christie is teaching him to be the thoughtful, generous, love-filled person that she is. Like I said yesterday, good and loving people find each other, and some of them have just come together.


BIG, HUUUUUGE props to Christie and her little boy. Wait, did you say he has TWEETY BIRD SLIPPERS? I HAD TWEETY BIRD SLIPPERS. Big, old, plastic tweety head sticking up off the toes! I loved those slippers!! My mom bought those for me...ok, tearing up again.

Man, James' "presence" is talking to me today.

(In a whole different way, so is Linda's email about Duran Duran. Rawk on, old dudes!)


Praying for Iraq is ok, but that also introduces the whole war concept. I remember when I realized what war is; I had nightmares for a long time. Maybe that could wait (if he doesn't already know about it).

About the Scout I say the Lord helps those who help themselves.

For Penn, I think He's already put his stamp on that cat. You're probably out of luck, I hate to say.


Check the photo I sent you yesterday...sho'nuff, them is Tweety Bird slippers on his feets.

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