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It's funny, in that strange but not humorous way, that the deceased remain in our lives and thoughts. Sometimes they pop-up during more than obvious events and those less obvious. For me, my favorite, is the fact everytime I buy a dozen eggs at the store, I think of my grandmother. She was the one who taught me to gently twist each egg to make sure it wasn't sticky from a crack in the shell one couldn't necessarily see. So with every carton I buy, I twist and remember. Like you've said, we all grieve in our own way. And the grief, no matter what form it takes, is always going to be there. Even more so when it's a parent. Keep sharing, it's helping you and others without your even knowing it.


The unexpected thing that STILL gets me, seven years on from holding my dad's hand and watching him die, is when I think: "I should call Dad up and tell him about this! He'll love this story!" It's a split second, but it feels so real, like he's just been on a long business trip.

And also the dreams. I never realized before how much we dream of the dead.


I have been reading a lot of your posts, and I am so sorry about your Mom. I lost my Dad 12 years ago, and my grandparents 15 and 20 years ago----and I still miss them so very very much. The hurt never really goes away, but the one thing I have noticed over the past few years is that I can again laugh at some of the funny things that we did....that took time. Before, when I did that I became horribly depressed....the feeling of loss magnified by the fact that we could not have those good times again....

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