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My mind went to that too...My heart goes out to the families there without electricity or running water to keep their loved ones clean and their bedclothes clean...Jesus..it was hard enough to keep up with mom and we had electricity and water...Oprah had a special on solely on those families in Hospice...they had split the families from their loved ones and shoved the dying family memeber into one of those makeshift morgues...and made the family leave them there to die with no drugs...or family around for comfort...Mom got those comforts...but those other people died on top of a highway....in the heat...with no water...and alone in the makeshift morgues. God bless them...and their families.


Unfortunately after I wondered aloud to Bill about all the people in the hospitals, we heard a nurse on CNN talking about the people she was caring for on her ward. There were people yelling in the background...and I could smell Georgetown all over again.

I can't even imagine what it would've been like to be in that hospital room, not be able to open that crack-addled/caulked shut window, be without food, water or any hope of cleanliness with Mom being where she was last year. Lord, the woman had sores all over her bum and she was kept as clean as possible.

I hurt for them...even with all the pain we went through with Mom I can't imagine missing her passage for the world. Jesus, the guilt these families will be saddled with for the rest of their lives. How awful.

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