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Annie rocks. Your mother has rocks in her head. Please marry my brother. He loves you. You love him. End o'story. (And because I need a sister like you [even when I'm completely incommunicado and not offering support of any type, poorly-advised or otherwise]).


I agree with all of the above. You guys love each other. You are meant to be together. Screw all the people who tell you otherwise, sorry for being so untactful and blunt. You are getting married, you will be married for a good long time, as in forever, and I for one, can't wait until you start having kids so that mine have someone to babysit for. (That gives you about seven years to get started.)

Lopesa Maria Conchita

If you want good gardening advice from fellow gardeners in your area, go to

and see if there is a Maryland forum (I saw a MidAtlantic forum?). I am on the Florida forum at least 1-2 times a week and have learned so much from these folks. I post questions a lot and get great advice. I think you will like this site, Jen.

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