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It's not the wedding planner in you - it's the *adult* in you LOL. I think most of us feel that way about 85% of the time ... and we feel that way because it's TRUE, sadly.

And here I thought being all grown up would mean doing important work with discretionary income as our reward. ;-)


Normally I would agree with you on the adult in us front, but this is worse than usual. I feel like I'm jacked on a six-pack of Jolt cola where my time is concerned, and I've NEVER felt this way until the last six months, definitely the last two.

Lord help me when I have children. Look out!


It's the post-wedding psycho syndrome. All the energy and excitement and now, the inevitable slow down and your body/mind is still adjusting. And believe me when you have kids it just gets worse. So relax, enjoy your newly married status and for G-d's sake, smile and look at the sky.

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