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WRITE IT. Your gallows humor must be shared with all the nations. You're completely honest about there being humor in the ugliest of situations (blackest humor, yes, but humor)--if other people would do the same, they'd be a lot healthier. WRITE IT WRITE IT WRITE IT. (No pressure.)

The Mom Dugan

Why not write it? It doesn't have to be under the pressure of getting published as much as a cleansing and WOW, what a way to get lots of stuff off your chest. You know as well as I do when you see stuff in print you start to think about it in other ways and then it clears up lots of the smoke that's covered up the facts. If you ever do want to publish, you can change the names of those you spear with words, only they will know who they are, and isn't that their problem, not yours. Go for it.


Dang, you guys are supportive.


Write, woman, wriiiiiiiite!!! Put your words out there so the world might know what an amazing, sick, twisted, beautiful, funny, and talented chickie you are.


I would read it. You are really thorough and very upfront. I think your book would be somewhat different than all the others. Jen do not think of it as a book of 'taking care of a dying parent' that is just like all the others...it’s -YOUR- life and your outlook on it will be different than all the others. Going into the situation of taking care of mom you had already established yourself as a strong individual and you *had* gone through hell and back proving it. Our family has its issues *myself included* and I think we are slowly trying to fix some of them. I think what has happened has definitely brought all of us closer together. Even if you were to expose some of the rough dynamics of our family...ITS THE TRUTH!! We are dysfunctional but atleast some of us are still trying. If you were to write a book about it Jen I would support you in any way I could!

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