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December downright sucks. My grandpa (Mom's dad) and grandma (Mom's mom), both died in December. And if I remember correctly, your Mom fits right in the middle. We brace ourselves for December to hear bad news. This year of course I told you yet another person died that was kinda sorta in our family. Gosh, I really do miss her too, and...I always picture her with that shoulder length brown thick hair, not that hair at the end. I don't remember the blonde, as the earliest I can remember is after she had the twins.


Being's Mom died on Dec 30, there really is no way to not remember it, what with New Year's Eve having come just 15 minutes after she passed. What a way to start the new year that was

I know that there are things in the rest of the year that would've reminded me of her had she died then: the smell of wet dirt of spring; roses in summer; warm fires in the fall. But none of those things have a six week requirement (yes, it does seem to be that way for most people) wherein I'd be plastering on that happy face for the world. Still and all, this year was much better than the last for certain.

I remember all the colors and lengths of her hair, but I guess the one that has stuck with me the longest is the salt and pepper bob. That was when it seemed to be the thickest to me, and it is the thickness that sticks with me. The woman had a wonderful head of hair.


Before I forget, this is really important and I'm not at my office email to email this to you personally. Ty has pneumonia (he's getting better very quickly). He took one of your Mom's knitted blankets with him to Urgent Care. The nurse said that someone really special made that blankie for him. She went on and on, about how much time it takes to make one of those and that someone must have really liked him to have made it for him. OMG, I got teary. I told her that Monica was really special and that she was gone. Okay, getting teary again. Just wanted to let you and the others if they read this to know.


I am sorry to hear about your mother. She and I had a few talks years back. I wasn't her favorite by any means, but she was very kind and sincere to me. I will never forget her.


It's interesting that you commented during a time that she was on my mind quite a bit.

I wish I knew who you were.


MONKEYS UNCLE IN THE JUNGLE!!! That random 4 year olds card saved the day!!! I m still wondering why he ran up to Christi and shoved the card in her hand and ran away...Im guessing he thought she would enjoy it,or she was a monkey. He never knew how much it would make us all laugh. Im guessing only little kids get to call J.C. a "monkeys uncle"...which is ironic...but funny....and now every lightning bolt in heaven is going to strike me right in the bum for having said that. Im guessing even J.C. tried to help us through at the expense of making fun of himself.

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