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My wife, an avid knitter and aspiring sewer, just got herself a copy of the book SEW U, which looks like a great and inspiring book. It's sort of the STITCH N BITCH of sewing.... Maybe check this out?


Hmmm...I will have to see the book. I have to admit that the other night I was doing some research for a client at Borders and there was a rather rowdy stitch n bitch going on...and I found the idea a good one, but the group annoyed the hell out of me.

Am I the only woman in the world who cannot abide screaming, guffawing women? This is probably reason number one why I don't go to strip clubs. That and the possibility of some strange gay man flinging his schlong in my eye is just too much for me.

But I digress.


I hear you. I'm no fan of groups of screaming women, but these books are pretty OK, and SEW U honestly looks like a really good one. It caught me blind-sided and has made me want to learn to sew.


I should also say that I'm not affiliated with those books in any way! I'm a guy whose wife owns them both, is all. Now I'm worried that maybe you think I'm a publicity person or something. (I'm not!)


Nono--I skimmed your site, and while I looked longingly for an about page that worked (not that mine actually tells you what I'm about either), I got the idea that likely you weren't shilling for the book.

Although with that section about the pay-an-advertising-firm-to-let-you-work-there-gig, maybe you ARE a publicity person...

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