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Eddie C

I know it doesn't relate to this post - but just the fact that you found a way to use the word bifurcated in a blog post headline clearly shows why you are one of my favorite people ever.

Rosemary Russo

I recently buried my son. I was totally in shock for the first few weeks. I had preprinted cards from the funeral home. They said the family of (name of my son) thank you for your kind expressions of sympathy. I had over a hundred. I did write notes in some thanking them for flowers or contributions to a scholarship fund for my granddaughter, but many I just mailed without signing. Now I realize that was an error. I was in a daze and thought that because the message read the family of the deceased thanks you that it would suffice. I sent cards to all who came to the wake and funeral, regardless of what they gave. Please advise, was I wrong?


Rosemary, those preprinted cards likely made a painful job somewhat easier during the shell shock phase. [Had I been offered that option when Mom passed, I'd have taken it.]

What's more, most would agree that losing a child is much worse than losing anyone else because it is so out of the natural order of things. Even those who have no experience of such a thing will make exceptions galore while you grieve.

Finally, over the course of the last three years I have had several grief-stricken friends make the conscious decision not to send thank you cards at all. I make this point just to say that unlike other life events (weddings, births, showers), thank you cards don't seem to necessarily be "required" after a funeral any more. I will let Ms Manners decide what this means for society, but I tell myself that it at least affords the grieving the chance to grieve.

It sounds to me that your handling of the cards was perfect and that upon delivery each recipient sent a prayer up for you and your family all over again.

You did right by your son and your family, so give yourself some much deserved love.

Carpet Cleaning

the world can be cruel at times. It's always been that way and always will be that way. We can only persever and do the best we can to prevent it.

As far as you having a better relationsship with your mom now that she's dead? If you feel that way then the answer is yes. Only you will know that. It's not a bad thing. I never apreciated my family untill I moved out of state. Now I get along with everyone very well because I do not see them often

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